Annual Report 2017/18

Executive Committee

Management philosophy

The dormakaba Group delegates entrepreneurial responsibility for operational business to segment level. The corresponding management organization is based on decentralized responsibility where appropriate and therefore rapid decision-making structures situated close to local markets. This helps to keep activities focused on the customer. Group functions like Accounting, Communications, Controlling, Human Resources, IT, and Legal define and monitor Group-wide standards and are responsible for functional, Group-wide projects. The CFO is responsible for the Group’s financial affairs. All the integration tasks associated with the merger to dormakaba were controlled by the CIO (Chief Integration Officer) until end of June 2018. As of 1 July 2018, the COOs are generally responsible for the remaining integration tasks with the CFO ensuring the corresponding progress reporting. The COOs are responsible for the business activities of their respective segments, including development, production, sales and services. The Group Innovation Management area focuses on digitization as well as Intellectual Property Management and Quality Management and is strategically managed at Executive Committee level by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The CMO (Chief Manufacturing Officer) is responsible for the global purchasing as well as the supplier control and advises and supports the operating segments optimize the production and supply chain.

Members of the Executive Committee as of 30 June 2018








Year of birth



Riet Cadonau CEO





Bernd Brinker CFO





Beat Malacarne CIO (resigned as of 30 June 2018)





Michael Kincaid COO Access Solutions AMER





Jim-Heng Lee COO Access Solutions APAC





Alwin Berninger COO Access Solutions DACH





Roberto Gaspari COO Access Solutions EMEA





Stefano Zocca COO Key & Wall Solutions





Andreas Häberli Chief Technology Officer





Jörg Lichtenberg Chief Manufacturing Officer





Members of the Executive Committee

The table above gives the name, year of birth, position and date of joining of each Executive Committee member. The maximum number of mandates that members of the Executive Committee are allowed to take on the governing bodies of legal entities outside the dormakaba Group is regulated in section 27 of the Articles of Incorporation.

Management contracts

Neither dormakaba Holding AG nor its Group companies have entered into any management contracts with third parties.


The compensation policy and all the information relating to the compensation paid to the company’s management bodies are shown in the Compensation Report. Sections 22–25 and 28 of the Articles of Incorporation contain rules relating to compensation principles, loans to governing bodies, and General Meeting votes on compensation.


Compliance principles are set out in the dormakaba Group Code of Conduct, as well as in the dormakaba Group rules and regulations such as Group Directives and Directives. Adherence to these rules is extremely important to dormakaba Group as a globally active, listed company. Major compliance focus areas include bribery and corruption, antitrust and competition law as well as safeguarding the employees’ personal integrity. The Code of Conduct and all dormakaba Group rules and regulations are available to dormakaba Group’s employees on the Group Intranet. Furthermore, all dormakaba Group rules and regulations are aligned with the Compliance Strategy.

The Compliance Strategy is based on both prevention and detection. Preventive measures include the three main elements “Awareness”, “Consultation”, and “Solution”, and include a structured roll-out of rules and regulations, training, helpdesk, etc.

The company’s compliance mechanisms are reviewed regularly and are adjusted where necessary to the changing business environment.

Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct

The dormakaba Group Code of Conduct, which applies Group-wide, contains standards and rules on bribery and corruption, equal employment opportunities, workplace harassment, conflicts of interest, antitrust and competition law, and procedures for reporting misconduct; it also refers to the company’s values. The Code of Conduct is available to employees of the dormakaba Group in various languages and in electronic and printed form. When employees join the company, they confirm in writing that they have received and taken note of the Code of Conduct. Senior managers, general managers of local companies, and so-called Compliance Ambassadors are responsible for implementation and enforcement of the Code of Conduct and are trained in dealing with the Code. During financial year 2017/18 Code of Conduct trainings mandatory for all dormakaba employees were conducted. The Compliance Officer within the Group Legal Department monitors these processes and, alongside line managers, is one of the defined contacts for reporting infringements of the Code of Conduct. dormakaba Group also implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct in order to extend the company’s expectations and values into the supply chain. The company’s aim is to ensure its own ethical and environmental standards are maintained in the production and preparation of the raw materials and components it purchases and uses to make the products.

Further, dormakaba is fully aware of the importance of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and highly appreciates this valuable approach to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from all areas of life. dormakaba is fully committed to uphold the principles of and adherence to international conventions, laws and its internal rules and regulations. Its core values and principles are defined in the aforementioned dormakaba Group Code of Conduct, covering human rights, forced, compulsory and child labor, environmental responsibility, and ethical behavior. The company’s full Modern Slavery Act Statement is available online.

Values of the dormakaba Group

The Executive Committee and senior management of dormakaba Group have clearly defined the corporate values. Under the name “dormakaba values” these corporate values have been implemented from 1 July 2016 and rolled out across the whole Group. These are: Customer First, Curiosity, Courage, Performance and Trust. These values are the foundations on which dormakaba Group employees work and take and implement decisions; they also serve as guiding principles for conduct and collaboration within the Group and for dormakaba Group’s approach to addressing customer needs.

Members of the Board of DirectorsMembers of the Executive Committee

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