Focus Area Process and Production

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of production and adhere to environmental laws and regulations. We strive to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and to safeguard our customers’ rights to privacy and security.

Good practice in 2019/20


ENERGY – Upgrade to the air compressor lines so that a smaller-capacity air dryer could be used for shorter shifts; OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – Safety awareness and training programs focused on hand care, heavy weight handling, and emergency response including first aid and firefighting.


WASTE – Launch of a Zero Plastic Waste campaign, which encouraged employees to eliminate plastic drinking cups and disposable coffee cups to nurture a culture of environmental awareness.

Southeast Asia

ENERGY – Installation of a new control system for the air handling unit of the chiller in Singapore; OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – All employees were trained by an external safety professional as part of the ongoing ISO 45001 certification process in Senai (Malaysia).


ENERGY – Retrofitting lighting systems with LED; OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – Installation of new dust extraction units to eliminate airborne dust pollution.

Northeast Asia

ENERGY – Retrofitting lighting systems with LED in Taiwan; Installation of a new air compressor and retrofitting lighting systems with LED in China.


ENERGY – Retrofitting of lighting systems to LED; motion sensors for the lighting systems; improved control systems for the air conditioning; WATER – Installation of sewage treatment plant and use of grey water for landscaping; WASTE – Replacement of wooden packing crates with carton boxes, which has eliminated about 80 tons of wood consumption.


ENERGY– Retrofitting lighting systems to LED in Bühl and Ennepetal; WASTE – Switching of wrapping packages to cardboard, resulting in saving 200 kg of packaging foil in Villingen-Schwenningen; ALL – Certification of a newly constructed building to Gold standard by the German Green Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen).


ENERGY – Upgrade to the HVAC system with a more efficient model, saving around 30% of energy consumption. 


ENERGY – Repair of leaks in the air compressor system, installation of new boiler for the heating system in Indianapolis; Retrofitting of lighting systems with LED in Dyersville, Indianapolis, and Huntsville; Setup of a new procedure to shut down machinery overnight in Mesquite. WATER – Overhaul of parking lot and loading areas, to include a redesigned storm drain system that redirects runoff to an adjacent grassy field in Dyersville, increasing infiltration and retention and reducing runoff; Installation of piping to utilize groundwater for cooling brass in place of the municipal water supply in Rocky Mount. This helps to reduce chemicals and electricity that the municipal water treatment plant would otherwise use to supply us with treated water, which is unnecessary for the cooling process. WASTE – Elimination of Styrofoam take-away containers and a new process set up to launder personal protective equipment rather than purchasing disposable variants in Indianapolis; Implementation of a recycling program in Kansas City, which has reduced landfill waste by at least 30%; Installation of a filtered water system to eliminate disposable water use in Mesquite. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – EHS weekly toolbox talks, safety improvement cards, employee suggestion box, sharing of near miss reporting in monthly meetings; and recognition program for employees that go beyond their normal job tasks to make their workplace safe in Indianapolis; Training on the new Lazersafe systems, which were installed on all press brake machines as an improved guarding system in Phoenix; Overhaul of the Behavioral-Based Safety (BSS) System to have more interactive root-cause analysis and develop problem-solving techniques together with employees in Dyersville. The program generates engagement in the form of actionable hazard identifications each business day.


ENERGY – Retrofitting of lighting systems with LED; OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY – Training provided for lift truck operators and first aid personnel. 

Supplier Social and Environmental AssessmentEnvironmental Management

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