General framework

This report on corporate governance sets out the principles of management and control at the highest level of the dormakaba Group (dormakaba) in accordance with the SIX Swiss Exchange Directive on Information Relating to Corporate Governance (Directive Corporate Governance, DCG). Unless otherwise stated, the information in this report for the 2018/19 financial year is as of 30 June 2019. dormakaba’s corporate governance largely follows the guidelines and recommendations set out in the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance of July 2002 and revised editions of 2007 and 2014. dormakaba has made some adjustments and simplifications to suit its management and shareholder structure and medium size.

dormakaba’s principles and rules regarding corporate governance are set out in its Articles of Incorporation, its Organizational Regulations and in the regulations of its Board committees. The ultimate parent company of dormakaba, dormakaba Holding AG, is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and is headquartered in Rümlang (Zurich/Switzerland).

Five-year performance overviewGroup structure and shareholders

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