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We offer fair working conditions in which our employees can leverage their strengths and build their skills. We foster an engaged workforce where we have the right people in the right roles.

Good practice in 2018/19

Middle East and Africa

A range of employee engagement and enablement action plans (totaling 119 for the entire region) were created by line managers for their teams as a result of the dormakaba dialogue survey.

Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey

We improved and standardized the salary review process by introducing common templates for Regional Management to review and approve individual adjustments. We also plan to improve our external and internal compensation benchmarking analysis.

Southeast Asia

We launched the Employee Handbook in Sinapore and a Leave Portal for Thailand and the Philippines. The latter is an online system for applying for and receiving approval for vacation days, which had previously been managed through a manual leave application process. The new online portal thus helps ensure that staff can claim their vacation leave benefits.


In our Australian head office in Hallam, we made a long-term investment into improving local working conditions, relocating staff to a new factory, warehouse and offices. The new facilities host ergonomic workstations, a gymnasium, and better meeting spaces. Key & Walls Solutions provides all new staff with information on their rights to freedom of association during the job onboarding process.


Our manufacturing facility in Taishan has invested in its infrastructure, including building a new dormitory and reinforcing the roof. To further promote a satisfactory workplace, we provide a shuttle bus on the weekends, summer camps on-site for employees’ children, regular sports meetings and other employee activities – encouraging employees to play an active role in the organization.


As part of the emergency preparedness training program, we conduct mock drills twice a year to train all employees on how they should react and respond during emergency situations like fires or any accidents in workplace. We train on how to use the fire extinguishers and how to provide first aid to any victims.


Access Solutions DACH implemented a uniform company car regulation in which electric vehicles were also newly included. Key & Wall Solutions implemented new standards for safety shoes, introduced height-adjustable desks, and developed a policy for non-smoker protection. We have also introduced a Graduate Trainee program, as well as annual dialogues between employees and their supervisors to discuss performance and cooperation.


We established a local dormakaba union representative forum to hold regular information meetings between employees and the company.


In a newly acquired business in Peru (Key & Wall Solutions), employee representatives were put in place and information on freedom of association was provided.


In Canada, we redesigned and implemented a new cost sharing benefits program (including medical, dental, accidental death and dismemberment, life, and short- and long-term disability) for all employees, which provides better coverage at a better price. We are partnering with a local school in Montreal to offer free French classes to our employees who are new immigrants so they can communicate better with their peers at work.

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